Purpose Statement

Good Practice, Good Health Inc.

The purposes of the Association are:-

  1. to assist health care professionals and individuals in the Australian community to prevent and control diseases in human beings;
  1. to improve the health outcomes of human beings through educating and empowering the public and health professionals;
  1. to provide information and promote access to healthcare for all members of the Australian community to improve health outcomes for all;
  1. to equip people with the skills necessary to understand their bodies and optimise their health;
  1. to raise community awareness of healthcare options and how they can be accessed;
  1. to encourage people to be aware of their uniqueness and potential as human beings, thereby instilling in them self-worth and an inherent desire to prevent illness and poor health;
  1. to provide information and education to people so they are better able to address risks to their physical health and well-being;
  1. to empower medical and health professionals so that compassion, mindfulness and effective communication are valued and central to providing the highest standard of care to patients and clients;
  1. to provide education to patients and health care professionals that promotes client-centred care and a team approach to healthcare decisions; and
  1. to conduct fund-raising activities, including holding events, selling items, seeking donations, sponsorships and grants to fund the activities of the Association.