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What is it?

The Gippsland Health Summit is a conference for everyone interested in getting the best from our health care system in Gippsland. The focus is on patients, medical and health practitioners working together for better health outcomes in our community.

The 2017 Summit focus is on mental health throughout the lifespan and always keeping the patient at the centre of health care.

We are bringing some very special guests to Gippsland from around Australia to work with us on Post natal depression, Youth mental health, Suicide in rural areas and Brain health and Dementia over 2 days. The summit includes:

Public Workshop ‘Boost you brain health’  Friday 24 March 4:00pm – 6:30pm

Health Professional Networking Dinner  Friday 24 March 7:00pm

Health Professional Conference  Saturday 25 March 8:30am – 5:00pm

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These are all serious health needs in Gippsland, identified by GPHN as priority areas of care.  For example, there are significant health concerns for men in Gippsland, with higher rates of prostate cancer, people with high or very high psychological health issues, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes in the Shire of Wellington than in Victoria generally.  The male life expectancy in Gippsland is 78.1 years compared with the Victorian life expectancy of 80.3 years.  Premature death (0-74 years) from suicide between 2008-12 in Australia was 12 men per 100,000 men, in Gippsland for the same time period it was 16 men.  Having a mental illness is strongly linked to suicide with one meta analysis finding that 87.3% of suicide completers had a mental illness.  In Wellington Shire, mental disorders are the top cause of disability.

Does it really have to stay this way?  What if there is a new kind of conversation we can have?  One that includes everyone, all kinds of health practitioners and emergency services, patients and their families, business leaders, sports clubs, health administrators, any member of our community.  GHS is for anyone who cares about well being and is willing to contribute to our community and individual health.

Research shows that great communication that engages everyone, improves health outcomes and prevents health professionals from experiencing burn out.  We all need to take a role in improving our health care system for our own health and for our community’s future well-being.

Join us to share and learn how we – health professionals and the public –  can really make a difference to mental health in our local communities.  Let’s grow a healthier Gippsland together.

Latest news and developments on the 2017 Summit

Aims of the Summit

To enhance the experience of working inside the health system and that of entering the system as a patient or carer. 

We acknowledge the wonderful work already done by everyone involved in health care across Gippsland and hope to bring a unique value adding experience at the conference (and the public forum) that is specifically local and partnership building.  

We aim to educate doctors, medical staff, health administrators and other health care providers in patient centred care, mindfulness, patient advocacy, engaging and communicating with our patients and empathy, so that we achieve better health care outcomes and improved levels of satisfaction for patients and professionals. 


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