Patient Opinion at CGHS

Good Practice, Good Health Inc. would like to Congratulate CGHS Board and Executives for subscribing to Patient Opinion.  This is a really exciting decision for our whole community.

patient opinion logoPatient Opinion allows providers of health services and users of health services (patients and their families) to connect in truly meaningful ways about the experience of entering the health service – what worked and what did not work.  Patient Opinion seeks to connect us all more effectively in the interests of really improving health care.  It allows honest conversation because the patient is able to remain anonymous if they wish.  Feedback through this means, allows the health care provider, in this case our hospital, to capture the essence of the person’s story and really understand it.

Patient Opinion was founded in the UK in 2005 and in Australia in 2012.  It is really simple to use and I encourage everyone to have a look at it.

  1.         Go online to
  2.         Share your story of using a health service
  3.         Patient Opinion shares your story with the relevant health care provider so they can learn from it (you don’t have to give your name)
  4.         You might get a response via Patient Opinion from the provider
  5.         CGHS service can be continuously improved because everyone is having a meaningful conversation.

Good Practice, Good Health Inc. exists to improved communication in the health sector.  We are especially interested in doing this in our community of Gippsland, which is why we present the Gippsland Health Summit every two years in Sale.  Patient Opinion is one of the best ways we are aware of for giving genuine, useful feedback to health organisations like hospitals.  We recommend using Patient Opinion to everyone and endorse CGHS commitment to using it.  Patient Opinion will create exciting opportunities for CGHS to escalate their development as a patient centred organisation.  Improving patient and their family’s experience of health care, makes a big difference to healing.

We are really excited by this decision for the betterment of our community and again extend our warmest congratulations and thanks to all at CGHS.


Sharee Johnson

Founder GPGP Inc.


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Patient Opinion at CGHS