What we do

Good Practice, Good Health Inc. (GPGH) is a not for profit organisation offering education that empowers health professionals and members of the public (patients and their families) to work in partnership to improve health outcomes.  It is based on the simple idea that we all need to keep practicing, seeking feedback and learning, in order to keep improving health outcomes. Good Practice refers to everyone continuing to practice good health behaviours, like asking questions, listening carefully and the various lifestyle choices we make.

GPGH focuses on the way health professionals deliver their services, how they support each other, how they look after their own health, and how they provide care to the people who seek their assistance.  We also focus on the people requiring health care services; how they take responsibility and care for themselves well, how their health literacy can be improved, how they support each other and how they might engage effectively with the people providing their care.

GPGH considers that if all of the parties working in, and using the health system, are mirroring care, empathy and respect in true partnership, health outcomes will improve and professional burnout will reduce.  Our activities are aimed at bringing people together to improve communication and engagement in health care.


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